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High quality products come from high-level manufacturing system. Sunward has accumulated a series of independent manufacturing technologies in key manufacturing processes such as welding of complex components, processing of high-precision parts, assembling of electromechanical and hydraulic integration equipment, and production of complex high-strength castings. In hundreds of thousands of square meters of tall and spacious factories, the outlook of a world-class advanced manufacturing enterprise has been vividly demonstrated by various CNC machining centers, welding robots, laser and precision plasma blanking, 3D laser cutting, electro-coating, powder spray and water paint automatic coating, modern assembly lines and intelligent stereoscopic storehouses of Sunward.

Sunward insists on the concepts of "precise design, lean manufacturing, precision management, meticulous service" to produce the products that can meet the demands of different customer groups and actively promotes 6S management, ERP system, MES system and DNC system to respond to the market demands quickly.

It implements PLM product data management system by taking the lean thinking as guidance and the JIT production technology as core. It increases management efficiency and promotes the intelligent manufacturing transformation of the enterprise by means of digitization and informatization.

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as "SUNWARD") was founded in 1999, led by Professor He Qinghua of Central South University.




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