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Second Hand SUNWARD Excavator

Discover exceptional performance and reliability with this pre-owned SUNWARD excavator, perfect for all your construction and excavation needs.
Whether you're involved in construction, landscaping, or any heavy-duty digging tasks, this SUNWARD excavator is a reliable choice. Contact us now for more details!

Second Hand SUNWARD Rotary Drilling Rig

Experience unparalleled drilling precision and power with this pre-owned SUNWARD rotary drilling rig, ideal for a variety of foundation and construction projects.
Perfect for foundation construction, soil stabilization, and other deep drilling tasks, this SUNWARD rotary drilling rig is a dependable addition to your fleet. Contact us now for more details!
Product Category


Hailed as "the pioneer leading the national brands of excavators in China".
The product family covers the entire series of mini, small, medium, and large excavators.

Underground Engineering Equipment

In the field of underground construction equipment, after more than 20 years of development, we can provide a complete set of solutions...

Drilling Rig

The product family includes integrated DTH drilling rigs, surface hydraulic drilling rigs, cutting rigs, hydraulic rock drilling rigs and other energy....


It is widely applied in cases including bridge,tunnel, factory area, narrow construction sites, irregular road surface,needing short-distance movement area...


It is suitable for urban infrastructure, construction sites, workshops, warehouses, docks, ship decks and even cabins where the space is narrow...

Aerial Work Platform

Featuring a compact structure and simple operation, they can work flexibly in narrow spaces. They are widely used in the construction and maintenance...

Mobile Crushing Station

Mainly used in municipal administration, quarry, demolition, engineering, mining, recycling, suitable for natural mineral materials and renewable...
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