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SWDM600 guardrail piling house building water conservancy Piling rigs

Sunward Rotary Drilling Rig has unique advantages in complete machine stability,control technology,steel wire rope consumption and other performance indicators, and its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level.Sunward rotary drilling rig is not afraid of medium(slight) weathering, hard sand layer,large gravel layer and other complicated geological conditions, and has successively participated in the construction of Panzhihua Steel Vanadium and Titanium Base, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Harbin-Dalian Passenger Dedicated Line, Bird's Nest Stadium, Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, Shanghai-Kunming Railway,Lasa-Rikaze Railway, Lanzhou-Urumqi High-speed Railway and other major projects.At the same time, Sunward rotary drilling rigs have also been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe,America, Africa and other countries and regions in large quantities to participate in local key projects.
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