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SWSL0807DC for forklift lift materials road construction Aerial Work Platform

Committed to the R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of high-quality aerial work equipment, Sunward focuses on the development of two major product categories: electric scissor type, diesel off-road scissor type, articulating boom type, straight boom type aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklifts. The working heights of Sunward's electric scissor aerial work platforms include 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m and 14m. This series of products travel fast, and have high bearing capacity, strong gradeability and small turning radius, greatly increasing the work efficiency. There are hydraulic drive and electric drive for your choice. Consuming less energy, the electric drive models are more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. In terms of safety, provided with a tilt protection system, an overload protection system, a pothole protection system, etc., which fully guarantee the safety of the operator, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
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  • SWSL0807DC

Specifications of SWSL Electric Driven Scissor Aerial Work Platform                                                          
Maximum working height6.5m8m10m12m14m
AMaximum platform height4.5m6m8m10m12m
BHeight of retracted platform0.95m1.05m1.26m1.36m1.49m
CLength of working platform1.29m1.7m2.27m2.27m2.27m
Extension dimension of platform0.6m0.9m0.9m0.9m0.9m
DWidth of working platform0.7m0.74m0.81m1.15m1.15m
EHeight - retracted (guardrail raised)2.06m2.17m2.36m2.49m2.63m
Height - retracted (guardrail folded)1.7m1.79m1.86m1.95m2.09m
FOverall length1.44m1.86m2.46m2.47m2.47m
GOverall width0.76m0.76m0.83m1.17m1.17m
HWheel base1.05m1.38m1.87m1.87m1.87m
IGround clearance (retracted state)0.06m0.083m0.1 m0.1 m0.1 m
JGround clearance (extended state)0.017m0.02m0.02m0.02m0.02m
Rated load240kg230kg230kg320kg320kg
Safe working load of extended platform100kg1 3kg1 3kg1 3kg1 3kg
Maximum number of workers22222
Travel speed (retracted state)3.6km/h4.5km/h4.5km/h4.0km/h4.0km/h
Travel speed (extended state)0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h
Turning radius (inside)0.4m0m0m0m0m
Turning radius (outside)1.6m1.67m2.1m2.2m2.2m
Ascending/descending speed20s / 22s20s / 27s32s / 40s55s / 38s62s / 42s
Maximum gradeability**30%25%25%25%25%
Maximum allowed working angle1.5° / 3°1.5° / 3°1.5° / 3°1.5° / 3°1.5° / 3°
ControlProportional controlProportional controlProportional controlProportional controlProportional control
DriveDC motor rear drivenDC motor rear drivenDC motor rear drivenDC motor rear drivenDC motor rear driven
Multi-disc brakeTwo front wheelsTwo front wheelsTwo front wheelsTwo front wheelsTwo front wheels
Tire - airless without imprint (outer diameter X width)230mm×80mm323mm×100mm381mm×127mm381mm×127mm381mm×127mm

Standard Functions
▪Proportional control▪Unidirectional extension platform▪Folding fence▪Platform self-locking door
▪Airless tires without imprint▪Timer▪Standard transport forklift
▪Safe maintenance support
▪Horn▪Flash lamp▪Motion buzzer▪DC motor driven
▪Pit protector▪Emergency descending
▪Emergency stop system▪Automatic braking system
▪Tilting protection system▪Charging protection system▪Fault diagnosis system▪Platform work lights

Optional Functions
▪Air pipe to platform▪ AC power source connected to platform  ▪GPS tracking system▪Overload protection system
Maintenance-free battery▪Lithium battery and management
▪ Intelligent interconnection system


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Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as "SUNWARD") was founded in 1999, led by Professor He Qinghua of Central South University.




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