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ZYJ960B-Ⅱ solar drill land drilling install wire poles Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

Static pile driver is the first serial pile driver product of Sunward. At present, Sunward has been a professional manufacturer of pile driver at home and abroad, continuously promoting and leading the development of static pile driver technology and pipe pile industry in China. The pile driver products of Sunward cover 100t -1060t. The hydraulic static pile driver launched by Sunward has been exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa and America and accounts for the global market share of 65%! 


The first static pile driver delivered in 1999 is still running efficiently in Guangdong, and has driven more than one million meters of piles over 21 years. 

  • ZYJ960B-Ⅱ

Overall dimensionsWorking lengthmm1400014610155101601016820
Working widthmm83608680906091609750
Transport heightmm32403300330033003305
Maximum pile drivingforcetf68086096010601260
Minimum pile driving speedm/min0.330.
Maximum pile driving speedm/min7.239.29.748.7710
Traveling capabilityLongitudinal travelm3.
Lateral travelm0.
Steering angle088858
Standard hoist
Maximum hoisting length for center pilesm1516161620
Ground pressureLong shipKpa119149151150160
Short shipKpa158205203198210
Side pile spacingmm670670100210021002
Minimum comer pile spacingmm11601160154015402250
Maximum installable round pile clampingjawsmm600800100010001000
Maximum installable square pile clampingjawsmm600600800800800
Optional pile clamping box
6032/60166036/6038 6016/80166038/8016 8038/100166038/8016 8038/1001610032


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