SWE210 Excavator, Tough And Energy-Efficient
Sunward has been developing hydraulic crawler excavator since 1999, and is known as "the national brand leader in Chinese excavator industry". Sunward's excavator products cover a full range (mini, compact, medium and large) from 0.8t to 90t. Excavators of Sunward feature attractive appearance, excellent performance, user-friendly operation, easy maintenance and internationally advanced performance indicators, and are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, including Europe and USA. 

SWE210, a new generation of earthmoving specialized equipment of Sunward, is an energy-efficient, safe and reliable medium hydraulic crawler excavator developed by Sunward integrating independent innovative technologies over years. Since its launch, it has been sold well in Southeast Asia. The product is highly favored by owners and operators for short payoff period and user-friendly operation.
Generally speaking, the complete machine with a overall weight is 0.8t - 3.5t, which is called mini-excavator; the complete machine with a overall weight of 3.5t - 13t is called a compact-excavator; 

The complete machine with a overall weight of more than 13t but less than 30t is called a medium excavator; the excavators are widely used in urban construction, medium and large scale earthwork construction.
Self-developed ELAC load adaptive control technology to ensure the best power and fuel economy.
Patented slewing flow
With patented slewing flow self-adaption technology, the energy lost in the slewing in reduced.
Dual curved buckets
Dual curved buckets, with the loading capacity per each cycle increased by 10%.
Medium Excavator Features
When designing the box with large section, the increase of the thickness of the stressed plate and the optimization of the welding process are mainly considered. Through ANSYS theoretical analysis, the comprehensive strength is increased by 25%; in accordance with the stress direction and size in the work, the strength is increased by 20.3% through ANSYS theoretical calculation by increasing the box section and plate thickness.
1. New "hyperbolic curve" bucket decreases bucket bottom wear and significantly reduces digging resistance, while greatly improve smoothness and obviously decreases the oil consumption of the complete machine;
2. The bucket connecting seat adopts a large box with bending points, increasing the overall robustness and reliability;
3. Both the bucket bottom and bucket sides are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel plates, providing better wear-resistance;
1. The flange is thickened, and the slewing bearing is of a ring rolling seat ring, which has higher bearing capacity;
2. Large box body and reinforced chassis with equal altitude are of large force area and excellent resistance to distortion, which increases the overall strength;
Advantages and highlights:
1. The cooling system is of large capacity, large allowance and better heat dissipation performance;
2. It adopts German top-line brand AKG radiator, of which the materials and water tank design can better deal with thermal decay;
3. The radiator are arranged side by side and provided with external protective net to prevent flake and floccule being absorbed so as to ensure the radiator to run reliably;
4. The fan with low noise and high efficiency ensures that the engine and the hydraulic system have a good temperature environment;
The unnecessary pressure loss can be reduced by reduction of the piping design of frictional resistance, so as to lower oil consumption.
1. Emergency switch and pilot control switch both within easy reach, preventing the occurrence of emergency accidents;
2. With many large diameter air outlets, the cooling and heating effect is good;
3. Six degree of freedom suspension seat can be adjusted to the best comfort according to height and weight.
Our Medium Excavator
Comparison Items SUNWARD SWE210
Engine Isuzu
Brand/Power/Speed 110KW/2100rpm
Boom length/Arm length 5.7m/2.92m
Bucket capacity 1.0m³
Operating mass of the complete machine 21300kg
Max. digging depth 6750mm
Max. excavating force 155KN
Slewing speed 11.8r/min
Fuel consumption under the normal working condition 14L/H
Mitsubishi Doosan
118KW/2000rpm 115KW/1900rpm
5.7m/2.919m 5.7m/2.9m
0.93m³ 0.92m³
22000kg 20600kg
6600mm 6592mm
138KN 136.2KN
11r/min 9.8r/min
15L/H 16L/H
Cases With Medium Excavator

The excavator works in the tunnel with extremely harsh environment in Jishou City, and the working time is as high as 5,000 hours. However, the excavator adapts to various extreme environments and is still in good condition.

The applicable scene of medium excavator was originally earthwork construction, but this time it was working in a mine of Chenzhou, but it didn't feel sloppily in the mine construction. After working for 6000 hours, the excavator is still in good condition.

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Medium Excavator Documents
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News for medium excavator
Sunward Shines at bauma CHINA 2020

On November 24th, Sunward met with the viewers as scheduled after long wait at bauma CHINA 2020! In the event, Sunward demonstrates the prowess of China's construction machinery by displaying 38 innovative products, including basic equipment, excavators, skid steer loaders, rock drilling machinery,

A Step into the Green Future – Sunward to attend the bauma Munich 2022

From October 24 to 30, Sunward will present a nice overview of its range of machines at bauma Munich 2022 at Trade Fair Center Messe München, Germany.For this new edition of the largest exhibition dedicated to construction equipment, Sunward will offer visitors the opportunity to discover its latest

2021 Global Dealer Conference of Sunward "Infinite Innovation, Sharing Future" was Successfully Held in Sunward Industrial Park

On November 18th, 2021 Global Dealer Conference of Sunward "Infinite Innovation, Sharing Future" was successfully held. Dealers from more than 150 countries and regions around the world attended the conference through online live broadcasting platform.On the scene of the conference.

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 The engine is reliable and durable, and it is of strong power but needs low oil consumption;
The working unit is of large digging range and big digging power;
Adopt mature and reliable hydraulic system, with stronger
Structural members are reliable and durable;
Optional accessories, widely applicable.
Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as "SUNWARD") was founded in 1999, led by Professor He Qinghua of Central South University.





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