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Debut is the Peak! SUNWARD Extended-range Electric Rotary Drilling Rig is "Cost-effective"

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China has ushered in the hottest time of the year, and what is even hotter than the weather is the site of Nanjing-Yangzhou Intercity Railway Project. At the construction site of Huayuan Station, the arrival of SUNWARD SWDM240EE extended-range electric rotary drilling rig further ignited everyone's enthusiasm for work.

Recently, after more than one year of project approval - R&D - manufacturing - type test, SUNWARD SWDM240EE extended-range electric rotary drilling rig has successfully operated on the construction site of Huayuan Station of Nanjing-Yangzhou Intercity Railway, showing the demeanor of pillars of a great power.

It is reported that the Nanjing-Yangzhou Intercity Railway Project is a national key construction project, and it is planned to build a fast track connecting Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, with Yangzhou City.

"At that time, internal combustion engines were used in the old rotary drilling rigs of our construction team. Especially those with a long history are often strictly monitored by the environmental protection department, and unqualified emissions will be punished or even expelled from the site. Now, we use the new energy SWDM240EE extended-range electric rotary drilling rig, with zero emission fully meeting the environmental protection requirements and no worries about the equipment." The client says the SWDM240EE extended-range rotary drilling rig has outperformed their expectations after just a few days of use.

According to the client, first, in terms of working noise, the electric drive motor drive replaces the internal combustion engine for completely mute driving. Now only the sound of equipment rotary head and winch can be heard, with the noise greatly reduced. The second is in terms of construction investment. In the past, traditional rotary drilling rigs invested at least RMB 2,000 per day for diesel oil purchase, but now with the strong electricity provided by Party A, the cash input has been reduced by nearly RMB 70,000/month. Finally, in terms of energy conservation, 3 soil piles with a depth of more than 40 m and a diameter of 1 m can be formed every day, with an average power consumption of 25-30 kWh/hour, and a maximum power consumption of 300 kWh per day. According to the market price of RMB 1.2/kWh, only RMB 360 needs to be paid per day, with the construction cost reduced by 80% per day.


"Facts speak louder than words. We have reason to believe that in the near future, new energy rotary drilling rigs will be favored by more users like the promotion of NEV." The SUNWARD R&D personnel have great faith in new energy products.

Facing the global trend of high temperature, SUNWARD has actively responded to the national "Dual Carbon" strategy. Against the background of periodic decline in the industry, it still invests human, material and finance resources in the development and application of new energy construction machinery products which have covered electric excavators, electric AWPs, electric rotary drilling rigs and other products, creating values for customers while contributing to the country.

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as "SUNWARD") was founded in 1999, led by Professor He Qinghua of Central South University.




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