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Global Press Conference of Sunward Underground Engineering Equipment was Successfully Held

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On January 7, 2022, the Global Press Conference of Sunward Underground Engineering Equipment was successfully held. At the press conference site, two "world's No.1" products independently developed by Sunward -- the world's largest rotary drilling rig, the world's highest hydraulic crawler pile frame, and two "world's first" products -- ZYJ1260BK Guide-Hole Type Static Pile Driver and SWPD280 Large Diameter Pile Planting Machine, attracted everyone's attention.
With the development of the city, super high-rise buildings, long Bridges, high-speed railway, and other superstructures are getting bigger and bigger, which makes the pile foundation continue to develop towards the direction of large diameter and deep hole, coupled with higher environmental protection requirements, which poses a greater challenge to the efficiency of equipment construction.
In the actual construction, as a complete set of solutions supplier for underground engineering, Sunward has not only conquered complex underwater bottom construction, 220KV high-voltage line construction, 5,400 meters above sea level construction and other construction problems one after another. It has also participated in the construction of super projects such as Asia's largest underground integrated transportation hub and Shenzhen-Middle Passageway, as well as international projects such as China-Thailand Railway project and Philippine Airport Expressway, helping the project team to complete complex underground space construction projects safely, environmentally, and efficiently.



Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as "SUNWARD") was founded in 1999, led by Professor He Qinghua of Central South University.




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